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Cheating wives New jersey

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Instead of gratitude toward the spouse who is the major breadwinner, the dependent spouse's resentment or insecurity can fuel infidelity, new research has.

Photo by ThinkStock. You might think someone who cheating wives New jersey economically dependent on his or her spouse would feel grateful, jwrsey, and perhaps a bit fearful of rocking the boat.

Adultery in New Jersey: Does Cheating Affect Alimony? | DivorceNet

Yet one cheating wives New jersey has discovered it's the opposite: The more someone is economically dependent, the more likely he or she is to cheat. The phenomenon happens with both husbands and wives - although at different rates and probably for different reasons, said Christin L.

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Cheating wife gets caught on video. Husband posts it to YouTube and it goes viral. Do you blame him? Should he have kept it between them. If your spouse cheated on you, are they punished or held accountable for their actions in the divorce proceedings? Learn on our blog. Instead of gratitude toward the spouse who is the major breadwinner , the dependent spouse's resentment or insecurity can fuel.

Wiges, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut. Her study looked at more than 2, married people over a ten-year period.

Participants in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youththey ranged in age from 18 to years-old. Men who are not the xheating breadwinners feel the situation threatens their masculinity, she said.

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Simultaneously, infidelity allows threatened men to distance themselves from, and perhaps punish, their higher-earning spouses," she indicated. Men who are completely dependent cheating wives New jersey their wives run a 15 percent chance of being unfaithful.

That's three times the rate of women in the same situation, five percent of whom cheat. When it's the wife who supports the couple, she's very unlikely to have an affair, the research revealed.

In fact the women who are least likely to hersey are the ones who cheating wives New jersey percent of the couple's combined income. Furthermore, women who are their household's primary breadwinner behave new free site dating all sorts of ways to "shore up their husbands' masculinity," Munsch said.

They downplay their achievements, defer to their husbands, and increase their housework - all with a goal of minimizing the emotional strain of their husband's economic dependence on.

For men, the situation is more complicated: Men who earn the least compared to their wives are the most likely to cheat. As their contribution to household income rises, cheahing inclination to cheat drops.

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In other words, a man chewting earns 50 percent of his household's income cheats less cheating wives New jersey a man earning 40 percent. The magic earning level that produces the most faithful husband? Men become increasingly faithful until their earnings account for 70 percent of household income.

Once they begin to earn more than that, they cheating wives New jersey again begin to feel the pull of infidelity, the research showed. This trait of high-earning husbands didn't surprise Munsch, she said, because the news is full of important, powerful men who cheat on their wives.

What did surprise her was just how powerful economic dependency was in triggering infidelity. That held true for dependent wives as well as dependent husbands.

West Orange, NJ - The "RoadSnacks" website has a list (see below) of towns who use the adultery site, and their percentage of users. Is your spouse spending too much time on the internet? Does he/she have two cell phones? Is your spouse secretive about work hours? All of a sudden buying . William Billy Gray Monmouth County is the worst of the worst married man 20 + years with a family a man I have known since high school and knew him to.

The study, titled " Her Support, His Support: Kathleen O'Brien may be reached at kobrien njadvancemedia. Follow her on Twitter OBrienLedger. Find NJ.

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Cheating wives New jersey

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Photo by ThinkStock lcs You might think someone who was cheating wives New jersey dependent on his or her spouse would feel grateful, loyal, and perhaps a bit fearful of rocking the boat.

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