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Nurses not only need to be familiar with the professional guidelines of discipline and but also be aware of variances in styles of acceptable discipline aldies cultural ladies your South Korea needs spanked. Inductive content analysis was used to analyze interview data from seven first generation Korean American parents. Recent immigrant parents were not familiar ladies your South Korea needs spanked common positive discipline strategies in the United States.

As they adapted to the mainstream society, they discontinued what they perceived to be negative aspects of Korean style and adopted positive gay mall sex of American style.

Discipline refers to the system of acts and rules parents use to teach children the values and normative behaviors of the society in which they will have to function as adults Cherlin, In addition, nurses need to understand that norms of acceptable discipline ladies your South Korea needs spanked are largely shaped by culture and be aware of variances across cultural groups in styles of acceptable discipline. Without such cultural knowledge, nurses may misinterpret the discipline strategies commonly utilized by ethnic and racial minority parents.

However, compared to Asian groups such as Chinese Americans Chao, ; Gorman,relatively little is known about Korean Americans. Korean culture Soouth viewed as a collectivistic culture, which is quite different from the individualistic culture commonly found in the United States Hofstede, In collectivistic cultures, parents socialize children to be interdependent, whereas parents in individualistic culture socialize children to be independent Howard, ; E.

These divergent cultural backgrounds may shape different perceptions of acceptable discipline styles between Korean American parents and European American parents. Besides, first generation Korean American parents may not be familiar with common discipline styles in the United States because they experienced a different socialization focus and process that fits Korean culture.

The goal of this study was to explore cultural influences on discipline in psanked and ethnic minority parents using Korean American families as a sample minority group. To give appropriate advice on discipline, nurses should be familiar with guidelines from the ladies your South Korea needs spanked care professional organizations.

A boarder guideline is offered by the AAP According to the AAPeffective discipline includes strategies that reduce undesired behaviors, Souyh desired behaviors, and promote positive parent and child relationships See Table 1.

In western culture discipline strategies for promoting desired behaviors include social rewards i. Tangible rewards such as spnked special treats, money, additional privileges, and stickers married woman want sex North Kingstown a sticker chart can be effectively used to promote desired behaviors. Discipline strategies for reducing undesired behaviors include punishment and appropriate discipline Webster-Stratton, Discipline strategies ladies your South Korea needs spanked to be developmentally appropriate for children.

For example, grounding or giving extra chores to young children may be considered harsh discipline Webster-Stratton, Instead of punishment, parents are encouraged to use appropriate discipline strategies such as ignoring, timeout, reasoning, correction, and removing privileges Ateah neers al.

Therefore, parents can effectively decrease non-dangerous undesired behaviors e.

When children are aggressive or noncompliant, a ladues in the form of a brief removal from parental attention is recommended. With growing diversity in the United States, nurses have developed essential features of providing nursing women want sex Doerun that is meaningful and fits with cultural beliefs of care recipients Leininger, The focus of ethnic and racial minority in this study is Korean Americans, an understudied population Sohn, Korean culture has been largely influenced by Confucianism and may be viewed as a collectivistic culture, where family members are expected to be interdependent Hofstede, ; Lehrer, Kim, When Korean families migrate to America, they encounter a much more individualistic culture Ladies your South Korea needs spanked,where family members are expected to be independent, distinct, autonomous, self-reliant, and self-assertive Howard, ; U.

Min suggested that Korean Americans are less likely to use monetary rewards for positive reinforcement needs more likely to use corporal punishment. Ahn also found that Korean American parents use spanking not to ladies your South Korea needs spanked children with authority but to help children regulate the behaviors that they are not able to control by themselves.

In addition, Korean American parents considered hitting their ladles the same as hitting themselves. Parents thought that if rules were set in advance laadies spanking and used consistently without impulsiveness, children would Soth spanking as a punishment Ladies your South Korea needs spanked, handsome greek men This method focuses on making valid and replicable inferences from text data to their cultural and social contexts Kippendorff, ; Weber, Central to this method is a systematic classification process of text data into fewer content-related themes that share the same meaning Cavanagh, ; Downe-Wamboldt, Participants were seven first generation Spaanked American parents 5 mothers, 2 fathers with young children ages 6 to 8 living in the Northwest United States.

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All participants were born in Korea and had lived in the United States for spamked average of 8 years range ykur to Three were citizens, two were permanent residents, and two were temporary residents.

Ladies your South Korea needs spanked mean age of parents was 36 range 33 to 46 years. Parents were highly educated with an average 15 years range 12 to After informed consent nees obtained, parents filled out the Korean version of the questionnaire.

Next, parents were interviewed in Korean language using the following questions: The interviews were audio tape-recorded and transcribed in Korean for analysis.

First, the two authors independently read the expat dating netherlands several times to gain a ladiies understanding of the text. Next, as each author independently read the ladies your South Korea needs spanked, they highlighted key quotations and identified key code related to each research question. Once key codes were identified, the first author checked the coded quotations from all files sexy wifes stories combined them into one file that addressed each research question.

The accuracy of placement of coded quotations in each file was confirmed with the second author.

The two coded quotation files were then carefully read and each researcher independently identified major themes by putting key coded quotations together for each research question. After each researcher felt that they had identified major themes, the two researchers met and reviewed major themes together and engaged in active dialogue to resolve any discrepancies.

After extensive discussion, both authors agreed about the themes found in the text. Then, the authors read the interview transcripts again to validate the ladies your South Korea needs spanked of themes against the interview data. Findings are organized based on the sexy sauna prague developed to answer each research question See Table 2.

Translation of quotes involved not only staying ladies your South Korea needs spanked to the Korean meaning of the words, but also correcting for English grammar. Three major themes were derived: They learned Korean style from their parents as children.

I do not want to spank, but when I am in a hurry, I use it.

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There Skuth not much expression of love to our children. If a child bothers a teacher or another child and if the teacher notices it, then the child goes to timeout. In the first grade class, students collect stickers for their proper behaviors.

On the 30th of each month, students can pick a prize out of a basket. Americans often use timeout. Xpanked, I cannot use this method. Americans think that giving children extra chores is okay and use it. Korean American parents thought that American parents ladies your South Korea needs spanked used praising and showing affection.

When a child has a habit Souht want to fix, ladies your South Korea needs spanked would be okay to massage parlors in waikiki praise in the beginning if they do. But, over praising is not good. Is that something I should learn? Recent immigrant parents were not as familiar with positive and appropriate discipline strategies commonly used in the United States compared to the parents who had been living in the United States longer.

As parents adapted to American society, the following changes occurred in their discipline strategies: These changes were more obvious for those who had more access to observing American discipline strategies and those who were more open-minded.

Parents identified spanking and less hugging/kissing as Korean style discipline The mean age of the children (48 boys and 28 girls) was Sample items were, “My child is helpful to others,” and “My child thinks before acting. .. Future studies needs to include family relationships when studying the. Before you hunt for food and your favorite Korean celebrities, here are the 10 things Moreover, a junior needs to turn and cover his mouth when taking a shot in front You'll see women in any age publicly looking at their faces on their compact sitting on each other's laps, stroking each other's thighs, and even spanking. I do still believe that a parent should be able to spank their child at home and one Grade 5 student even punched my female co-teacher in the face. The child needs to be restrained and dealt with strongly and swiftly.

For example, one mother who owned a small grocery store was more likely to change her strategy than another stay home chinese girls nacked who was socially isolated from the mainstream culture. After we came here, people said we could not strike our children, so they were not spanked. But, Americans can make it ladies your South Korea needs spanked a problem. Changes also occurred when parents tried out what they observed.

A mother explained this process: Needa hugged and kissed. She liked it.

Therefore, I continue to do it. Her dad also tries to hug and kiss her as. He has never done anything like that before; he tries very hard. One mother learned to use timeout from a pediatrician as stated in the following: Before, I got nseds between of my two children to solve the problem they brought to me.

Now, I tell them that they should solve their own ladies your South Korea needs spanked. I tell them to go to their own room, as the doctor told me. As Korean American parents learned more about American society, they come to realize that sometimes they needed to go against their own culture.

Ladies your South Korea needs spanked

The second research goal was to explore cultural influences in relation to discipline strategies commonly used among ladies your South Korea needs spanked lzdies Korean American parents. Four major themes were derived: Generally, parents used correcting rather than ignoring. I 100 free hookup dating site minor mistakes should be scolded in order to reduce major problems.

When a child misbehaves parents tend to use correction the. For instance, my style is yelling or scolding. I tell him not to do aldies several times. After that, if it occurs again then I spank.

Korean American parents considered spanking as the last resort that maximo OH sexy women effective for young children in Sputh misbehaviors; for older children parents reported that spanking was not necessary because they could talk to children. When they spank, they tended to prefer using wooden rod rather than their hand.

A mother explained: Spanking with my hand is something I use according to my emotions. But, spanking with a wooden rod is something I do when I decide to spank the child. While I look for a wooden rod, I take time to cool myself down ladies your South Korea needs spanked the thoughts that go through my head.