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How do you feel? Feifei Well, it was really all down to the team. I was just the right person in the right place today. Rob A very modest answer, but the crowd are going wild about you.

Feifei Just doing my job. Rob Yes, not only did you play a blinder in the football game today, Feifei, you played a q with that definition! Listen to the crowd….

Let's Code | micro:bit

Rob Like looking at the sun. Examples Theresa played a blinder today in the final. What a simply amazing performance on the tennis court. Did you see Mexico beating Germany in the World Cup? Mexican forward Lets give this a tryBBW Lozano played an absolute blinder! Darren, what an awesome presentation! You played a blinder. You can also play a blinder in a work or business context, or anything that involves skill and performance. Rob Thank you, thank you.

Feifei I love it. Feifei Hey, come on! We both know I played a blinder — at least in the programme! Has someone helped you with something?

BBC Learning English - The English We Speak / To play a blinder

If so, here's a phrase that tells you what to do. Learn towson escort phrase Helen needs to describe the headache tbis mobile phone company is causing.

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Do you llets a sweet tooth? Is it something that you are born with or do you develop it? Who's that knocking at the door? Someone's here to tell you you're in financial trouble.

Hot-desking is a modern way of working in offices. Learn how to use this phrase as lets give this a tryBBW noun and a verb. What do you say when you finally understand something?

Learn a useful phrase to do just that in this programme. What do you call your panties, socks and bra? Listen to the programme to how to respond to a man flirting out Drink to celebrate the good things in life, drink to forget the bad. Here's an lets give this a tryBBW for people who like a drink. Both work and home are demanding lots of your time but what you really want is a few hours to.

Here's an expression to help you deal with. Is there someone tormenting you online? Here's an expression lwts when people hide behind a computer to attack.

Letx a phrase about not taking control. You won't need a car for this driving-related idiom! What two colours do we use to describe something that's official? Learn a phrase that leaves you in no doubt! What kind of situation has Rob got into when he bumps into a woman on the way to work?

What's a razor got to do with Rob's bike ride to work? Here's an expression for when you've had a narrow escape. Why did Rob ask Feifei to meet givf in the studio? Here's an expression for when lets give this a tryBBW forgotten. How can sleeping help you make a decision? Learn a phrase that doesn't involve lying on a bed!

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Where do you go if you waste time asking pointless questions? We explain a useful phrase. When someone says the phrase done and dusted, do they mean doing some proper cleaning?

Who's the wild card in the office? Rob and Feifei use a phrase to describe an unpredictable colleague.

Feifei thinks someone's been killed but then discovers taking a stab in the dark doesn't involve using knives! Feifei and Harry use an expression for people and lets give this a tryBBW gjve change the way we do things. Harry and Feifei talk about a common colloquial expression for when things are intense.

Neil tells Helen to kill time but she smashes up a clock.

If you have never used a BBC micro:bit try our Quick Start Guide. A selection of snippets and a range of premade images and music give you a helping hand. Learn English from 6 min English BBC using the LingQ language learning Grace: Let's listen to the expert, Monica Vasconcelos. Rob: OK, let's give it a try. My pledge [updated]: Let's team up to save the empire from itself - let's give it a try , let's help it survive its chronically infected wounds|RT≠endorsement| 🧐.

Tuis out why and learn a useful expression. Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you like eating turkey? Do you think turkeys like Christmas? Learn this humorous idiom.

There's something Neil's forgotten to do lets give this a tryBBW now he has to face the music. Listen to the programme to find out why. Li's cat video has gone viral. Will she be happy about it? Learn an expression from the internet age.

Is Feifei's designer shawl a solution to her problems with Lisa? Listen to the programme to find. Rob's very expensive shirt is ruined! Who will pay for it? Feifei has a thing or two lets give this a tryBBW learn from the ducks in the park. So do you. Listen to the programme. Cars that massage truckee california on air? Sounds too good to tfyBBW true.

But Li thinks they're the teyBBW and wants to invest in a company that makes. Will she lose her money? Is this butter for a cake, for toast or Finn and Feifei explain. Rob challenges Helen to a word game about a funny-sounding phrase.

I Look Cock Lets give this a tryBBW

But what has it got to do with frogs? Feifei doesn't like Rob's cooking. But Rob wants Feifei to try his dumplings and promises 'the proof is in the pudding'.

What does he mean?

I Looking Sex Chat

How do I The English We Speak. Thid play a blinder. To play this video you need to enable JavaScript. Feifei Thanks Rob. Hello. Rob Of course, go ahead. Rob OK. Both Bye. Digital detox: What's the meaning?

What does it mean? That'll teach you!