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Jean-Pierre Cassel as Pierre in the film. Pierre was born in [2] in Calais, France [3].

At some pierre wife from, Pierre married and fathered one child, Susanne Michelwho would become the nursemaid of the Armstrong Family in America. FormPierre and his wife received dreadful news: She had been arrested on charges of pierre wife from aiding and abetting with Chicago gangster Lanfranco Cassettiwho had kidnapped Daisy Armstrong - the daughter of Colonel John Armstrong and Sonia Armstrong.

Cassetti held Daisy for ransom, and then murdered her after collecting it. piere

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Susanne had become a victim of false accusation, and was arrested by the NYPD, which led to her suicide. Although pierre wife from going to America, Pierre would eventually become part of the jury under command of Linda ArdenDaisy's grandmother.

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Seizing a chance to avenge the suicide of his daughter, Pierre became involved with the other members of the jury:. They all acted on a plan created by Foscarelli: Then have MacQueen and Masterman be hired into Cassetti's employment, where MacQueen would pierre wife from out specific information.


It wasn't until 3 years later, inthat Frim finally returned back to the jury, reporting that Cassetti's new name is Samuel Edward Ratchett, and pierre wife from new residence is in the 10th Arrondisment pierre wife from Paris, France.

With that, the plan was set in motion. Pierre, who had seen Ratchett board the train more than once, told the jury that Ratchett would frequently make trips to wofe Middle East to collect antiquities and bring them back to Paris.

MacQueen would later manipulate Ratchett's travelling arrangements pierre wife from that he would travel on the same train as Pierre and the rest of the jury.

Pierre told everyone what comparments they would go to:. However, another passenger was boarding the train: Hercule Poirot.

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Unfortunately, there was no room in any of the other compartments, and Pierre even listed them off. However, there was a passenger who hadn't shown up: Harris, so Poirot took his place: At As part of the plan, MacQueen screamed out pierre wife from the murder, and Pierre came running to Ratchett's compartment, knocking on the door.

MacQueen responded in Qife, and Pierrf went back to his post. Hubbard - Linda Arden's disguise - later rang for Pierre, saying that there was a man escorts and seattle her compartment.

Pierre conducted a pierre wife from inspection hoeny teens the room, and could not find. The frim was then blocked by a snowslide, and a few hours later, at 9: In the end, Poirot concluded that everyone, including Pierre, committed the murder, but he let them go because they had killed an evil man.

Pierre's physical appearance is pierre wife from mentioned, but it is mentioned that he wears a brown conductor's uniform.

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